Friday, April 13, 2012

This and That:-)

I am reading the Bible through in 90 days right now, I am in Numbers 14....The picture above is of me holding  the reading schedule. You have to read up to 15 chapter a day, but it is all worth it, I read alot to my Mom and Dad in the evenings!!!!
I have been using this flat iron, and it works great you can curl or straighten your hair with it.

Karsten has started Soccer:-)He is so cute!!!He was the goalie last week!

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Karsten has officially started Pre-k and he is doing awesome!!

This is for my dear freind Briony-Anne, who lives in Australia miss and love you!!!

 I have really enjoyed listening to Eric and Leslie Ludys videos...They are so very encouraging! Above is one of them:-)


  1. I did that read the bible in 90 days! It was worth it for sure!!!


  2. I really enjoy Eric and Leslie Ludy too. Very good video, thanks for sharing it :)


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