Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blessings from God (the Pearses)

I can not say how much fun  we have had with yall .You all are such good friends .I wish we could go back so we could do all the things we did like, roller skating, hiking, eating ,joking ,picture taking ,baking, sewing, horse back riding ,talking ,walking ,doing our nails ,shopping ,texting ,swimming, playing spoons, and just spending time together .You exceptionally Briony-Anne I have had so much fun with you. But we will just have to wait until I come to Australia or yall come back to America . Going to see yall off at the airport today was really hard. .I have been wanting to cry all day when I think that you all have actually left . God is so great to have bring are 2 family's together .But it went by so quickly !!Hope we can see each other really soon ......O and thank yall so much for our hats ...We love them !!A friend loves at all times....Proverbs 17:17
Kendell with his new hat

the most wonderful friends

some of the boys (that as you can tell do not want to be there taking picturs )

Kendell and Loc

Elizabeth and Tony

at the airport


Kendell and his buddy Garion

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