Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kendells Game!

Me and Kendell a while back:-)

Kendelll is the 4th from the left
Kendell(9)has really enjoyed playing basketball. The YMCA is right by our house and so we all joined and he started playing basketball;-) He is really  good at it!! We went to his game Saturday even though we are super busy right now..and I had a lot of fun watching him. I think it is double the fun watching  a basketball game when you now the person playing:-)Good job Kendel!!! You did great!!!


  1. @Brianna

    No, they did not:( But, they did do a good job!:-)


  2. Looks like he had fun even though they didn't pull off the win. ;) What a cutie. Now I want a little brother.

  3. How fun!

    Hey you won one of the prizes on my giveaway! Come see!

    Oh and thanks for your sweet comment!
    I love following your blog too!



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