Friday, March 2, 2012

Jeub Family

Me and Wendy Jube:-)

The Jeub family

Karsten and a few of the Jeub kids...
Wendy Jeub and some of her kiddos came over this evening and brought a meal....The Jeubs have 16 children and have written a few books . They are such a sweet family!They brought us meals even though they were sick and had a lot of things going on ,and the meals they have brought have been amazing! They live pretty close to us which is really fun! Thank you so much Jeub family for the prayers, food, and just being sweet!! You guys are amazing:-)If you would like to know more about them check out there website and leave them a coment.


  1. The Jeub family sound wonderful! I'm glad you guys all had fun. :)

  2. You so sweet! We had fun stopping by. We will keep your family in prayer. Mrs. Jeub <>< Psalm 127


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