Monday, January 6, 2014

Random Life Update

My dad is opening a office for his business. In the picture above I am standing in front of it.

Kyle's new thing is Eskimo  kisses, they are the best.

Clown faces!

We all painted our faces and posed like clowns

It was so fun to go to some holiday party. Me and my sweet friends at one of the party's:) 

Kaleb my older brother has started driving! He is a really good driver, and its nice to have a chauffeur . 


  1. Your new design looks great Kelsey!

  2. I knew it clown family! I called it!

    1. Hahah...Whoever you are, you are right. We are a bunch of clowns..:)

  3. Great job on your brother driving- watch out for flashing blue lights LOL. Yol Bolsun!

  4. Sweet post! Kyle is adorable, and I know what big-brother-driving feels like! Completely scary and yet strangely safe, too :)


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