Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013 in Review

Because it is nearing the end of the year I thought it would be fun to kind of review some of what has happened in 2013. It has been a good year with lots of ups and downs. A year with lots of learning, tears, laughs, hugs, and smiles. 

Our dear, sweet, amazing, cousin, Gracie came and visited us. What a joy. I am going to visit her very soon!

I started a girls Bible study on the 14th of May, it has been an amazing experience getting to talk with all these girls about Jesus. I remember writing it on my bucket list that I wanted to start a Bible study and to see it come to pass has been such a joy

Kyle had some health probs and had to have surgery:(

My dad climbed some 14tes with new friends
I got to ride in a helicopter!
Kaleb on the bottom row 2nd from the left got on Varsity in Track!!
We went hiking with our cousins

I got to go the the Set Apart Girl conference with my mom

My dads uncle and cousin came and visited us for a few days, was fun seeing them!

I started going to a little co-op for homeschooers and it as been so much fun
getting to know all the people there. I have learned so much!

We had some Teens over for a party


  1. Kelsey, I am so sorry for the loss of two of your grandparents. I know what this feels like. I'm so thankful God is always there for us to lean on! May He bless you richly in the New Year. <3

  2. It's crazy how much can happen in a year! The subtitle for my Facebook photo album for 2013 says "This ought to be an eventful year..." if only I had realized! Sounds like you had a growing and wonderful year despite some heartbreaks--keep leaning on the Lord! :)

    Hannah =)

    1. Thank you. Yes it did go by so quickly,kinda of scary how fast life goes by. Hope you are well.

  3. Hi Kelsey! I found your blog through Fresh Modesty! You have a great blog! I couldn't help but notice your pictures from Focus on the Family (my family used to go there almost every week!) I have to ask, do you live in Colorado? I live in Colorado Springs. I love my city. . . It is so pretty!
    God Bless!

  4. Beautiful pictures and wonderful post... I like your summary of 2013: "A year with lots of learning, tears, laughs, hugs and smiles." Happy New Year exactly twenty seven days late!


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