Sunday, February 3, 2013


My good friend Louise came over a while ago and stayed with us. She is so sweet. You might remember her from this post we both had a booth and we got to know each other through that. She is such an amazing friend! Luv ya dearie!!!!!!!!!!

I made her some hot sauce

Kollin thought she was the best!

We had a lot of fun painting are nails;-o)

A late night(Well that's not actually late for me*smiles*)

Drinking tea late at night:)

We went on a "run" ....But, ummmm, well, to say the least I am not fit....Like at all! Louise is though:)

Thank you Louise for coming over! You are such a dear friend:D


  1. Aww, good post! Such fun times :-) I think I remember Louise from the CHEC Conference.... yes?

    1. Oh whoops. *facepalm* Didn't read the first picture's caption! Whoopsies! :D


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