Monday, June 18, 2012

CHEC Conference  I sell all kinds of fun stuff like knives, pictures, flashlights, art etc...all with scriptures and or inspirational sayings on them. Anyways, a few months back I applied for a conference so I could set a booth up I got in barely and was so excited. CHEC is the name of the conference it is a conference for Christian Home Educators in Colorado. Well, they have a program for  the young entrepreneurs to set up a booth and sell stuff , and that is what I did. There is also a contest for all the young businesses and I won!  It was so much fun getting to meet all the new people and also set up a booth ! Thank you so much CHEC for an amazing time and thank you to all the CHEC volunteers for all of your hard work!! I can not wait till next year!

Me with Mr. Strawser. (He was a huge help with everything there!!:-)

Me and a new friend Louise, isnt she pretty?

Taking down after the conference.

Me and some friends!

Selling to some friends:-) Batman and her brother.

My neighbor during the confernce:-) Never a dull moment! He got 3rd place for his awesome business.

My brother Kaleb was a huge help...thank you!

Right after they were finished judging me they stood in front of my booth and talked for a little bit so this is all of the judges:-)

Karsten got this at the conference so much fun!

I hope everybody is having a wonderful start to there week!!!:-)


  1. Kelsey,
    Your booth looks amazing and you are so beautiful! It looks like you had a great time and met so many people. Congratulations! Now are you all resting this week?

  2. @Kimmy,
    Thank u very much! Yes, we are trying to unpack and get back into our regular daily routine:-)

    Love you,

  3. Great post!! :) It looks like you sold pretty well??
    Ah yes—the next door neighbor. Never a dull moment is absolutely correct!!!! ;) (He loves doing that weird arm thing—we don't know why or where he got it from... *not from me*!!! :D)

  4. @Shoshanna,
    Yes, I did really well:-It was a lot of fun and a wonderful learning experience! Ha ha ....yes his arm thing is funny!!!!! Are u sure it did not come from you???*smile*! Just kidding:-)could u give me your email please??


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