Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Post:-)

*Beware*  This is a totally random post...*SMILE*

~My Dad took pictures of us today,so I will have them posted hopefully some time really soon:-)

~Kyle youngest 5 weeks old:( Growing up so fast and getting so big!!!
 ~Im reading  and loving Kisses from Katie  book.

~I won a giveaway!!! Yay:-)

~In 4 months I will be happy!!!

~Karsten (4) has found a new hobby...he is really good at doing puzzles, he can do one in about 20 minutes:)
~I am going to try to read the whole Bible this year!!!!

So....that about sums it up;-) Random enough ?*smile*




  1. You are getting so creative with your posts little lady, love seein what you post, its kind of a record of our daily lives and Im thankful that you are faithful to keep a record like this. Love you very very much!

  2. I saw a sneak peek at the pictures your dad took. They are BEAUTIFUL and I actually was checking your blog to see if you had any up. I can't believe you will be 13! A teenager, what a fun time in life. I have been wanting to read Kisses from Katie. Please let me know how you like it.

  3. It is always great to read your posts! You do an awesome job. I love the updates and pictures since I don't get to see everyone. Keep up the good work little lady!
    Aunt Shelley

  4. Like your random post a-lot! I am going to be 14 in May! Seems weird to me! Seems like yesterday was my 13th b-day!


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