Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This N That ....

Well, lots has happened in the last couple of weeks or should I say months...:)So starting with moving. It has been pretty stressful but still it is kinda fun opening stuff that has been in the attic since the last time we moved. I miss all my sweet friends in TX. Although I know yall are suffering from the heat. While I am in house that does not even have ac. It is super pretty here. You can see Pikes Peak from the back porch which is really nice.

We went roller skating with some friends 2 weeks ago which I am not good at all but it still was a blast. We have been doing lots of hiking because you cant really live in Colorado and not be out side all the time, or have your windows open ...

Last night the boys went with our friends to shoot their guns in the forest ....They said they had a blast, but I can not see how pointing at something and shooting would be fun but I guess that is why I am not a boy.

My mom might find out whether she is having a boy or girl tomorrow.Cant wait, pray that it will be a girl.But we will be just as happy a boy !!!

That's all for now ....


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