Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Heriratge 2010

Me and Phyllishia
~Me and Brittany~

Me and some beautiful friends...

Me and a Friend looking retarded!!lol Me and Sis.King


  1. I wanted a picture with you! I'm offended! ;) Btw the picture of you and Lishia is just too cute...I'm jelous. :)

  2. SO very sorry !!!lol We will just have to get one tonight or Sunday ...OK? I now that is a cute pic...I was really happy with the way it turned out .:)!!!

    Love you ALOT!!!


  3. We totally do. It'll have to be Sunday because Obviously I wasn't there last night.
    Yeah it's really good you should print it up!

  4. Why were you not there last night? We always miss yall when you are not there ....How is JT doing ? Love you alot girl friend!!!

  5. aww:) Cute pics Kelsey! It was good to see you!:) You're so sweet and adorable!!
    I hope you had fun1:)

  6. Thanks,girl had a lot of fun ...Good to see you to:)!!!


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