Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Lost Santa

Well, tonight we had the the biggest scare I have ever had. Karsten went missing ...Well kinda. We were all being busy in our daily routine and Karsten had not taken a nap today so we all knew that he was very tired. So he put on his headphones and listened to Adventures in Odyssey. About 10 min. later we noticed the house was kinda quite. My Dad got up and started looking for him and he could not find him then my Mom started looking.Then 2 more sec. later the whole entire family was up searching under every pillow,every were. Yelling his name, running up and down the block. Banged on the neighbors door. FRANTIC!! Checked the pool, shed, septic tanks.....and no sign of him.We even called the police. Just the thought of losing someone like Karsten whom we love so much makes me cry. Any way my mom was on the phone with the police when I heard her say the best words ever I FOUND HIM!!! He was on the couch under a bunch of pillows taking a nap. Remember he hadnt had a nap and was tired so crawled up under the pillows on the couch to sleep! I don't know what I would do if someone in my family got lost.I love yall all so very much and could not make it a day without any one of yall!!!

Speaking of Karsten he is all in to Christmas. 3 is the perfect age for "SANTA CLAUS"we wrote Santa a "Letter" and let Karsten put it in the mail box and then we called Santa (my Dad ) lol and Karsten told him what he wanted. Then he came to my dad and asked if that was daddy on the phone and Dad said no. My mom keeps telling Karsten this is a silly game we play...Santa is fun but Jesus is real...My Dad..... he just lies...(Karsten is so smart)lol. So we went online and found a websight that you can put your number in and "SANTA CLAUS"would call him and so "SANTA CLAUS"called Karsten and said to be a good boy and he would bring him presents it was so funny. I love Karsten!!!:)

Hope all is well, and you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas !!

Ps: Check out my Moms blog to see the pics we had taken !!:)http://quicklyhome.blogspot.com



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  1. Wow, I'm so sorry you all had to deal with the thought of missing Karsten. I can't imagine what your mom must have been feeling. Praise the Lord he was at home the entire time.

    Hope you are having a great Christmas!


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