Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Set Apart Girl Conference 3

These sweet girls: Lauren, Elsje ,Heather. You can find more about them on Setapartgirl.com 

I had the privilege of getting to spend a weekend away learning more about Jesus at a sweet place in my heart. This place is called Ellerslie. I have talked some of it on my blog. It was such a good Conference. The theme this year was "Come Away". Coming away from the world and all the things that would distract our walks with Jesus. So much truth and encouragement filled in 2 and a half says. Such a blessing in my life! 

Christie...always smiling!

Rachel: Love this girl, always pointing me back to Jesus!

Savannah and Sarah! Such sweet and fun girls, a complete joy to be around!

Keliah and I

Brianna and I

My sweet roommates!

Eric and Leslie Ludy, the main speakers at the conference. 

Shoshana and Carissa! Such a joy to see there sweet faces again..We need to get together sooner, okay girls?!


  1. Wasn't it an amazing weekend?? :) It was so fun seeing you again, Kelsey! :) I love all your pictures with all these familiar faces!


  2. Oh and yes we should definitely get together soon!!! ;)

  3. Awwww, such a sweet post from such a sweet girl about such a sweet time! Whew! It was so, so, so, soooo lovely and wonderful seeing you again! We must get together. Really soon :)
    Also, I love how you make it a point to get to know so many girls there :) That's awesome! ♥


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