Sunday, June 15, 2014

My dad cant really be described in words, but I will try my best. He is so much more. He truly is everything I want in a father. A amazing leader, a wonderful business man, a loving husband, a man that will do everything in his power to make you laugh when we are upset. You, dad truly want the best for me and our family, I know this without a doubt. He is one of the most giving men you will ever meet. He gives the best impressions of people, that make us laugh. He is what every little girl wants for a daddy. A dad who calls you sugar, and brings you home flowers, and chocolate, (can you say awww)....Thank you for all the hugs, laughs, and tears you have shared with me! I could really go on forever about your awesomeness Daddy. But, I  think I must stop at some point. Please never forget how special you are to us. You hold such a big place in my heart, you always will.....  You truly are my hero! I love you to the moon, Daddy! Hope you Fathers Day is as wonderful as you are!


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