Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Little Update

These last few weeks have been so very exciting, in that we have been doing a lot of stuff with the American Liver Foundation. As some of you know, my sweet daddy is climbing Mt Rainier on June 4th. The reason he is doing so is mainly for my mom who has liver disease. He is raising money and awareness for the American Liver Foundation. It has been such a fun time. My dad has been doing lots of training for the climb, and the rest of us are doing fundraising. It has been an awesome family experience! One of the fun things we have done, is gone to a fancy dinner. It was truly an awesome experience. Lots of yummy food, and of course it was very cool to get all dressed up.

Here we are with Joe who works with the American Liver Foundation (ALF) here in Colorado.

My dad doing some training

My AMAZING mamma with her sister Amber(side-note, Amber is my middle name:)

Amber and Karsten, after dinner.

Joe, an awesome guy helping us with all the details of everything. 

The Chef that served our table. 

Kendell doing some fundraising outside of Walmart.

Hope you enjoyed this little update! If you would like to support our family or hear more about our story you can check out the website we made!

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  1. So glad the climbing went well! Praying for you and yours! ♥


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