Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Texas, Cute Brothers, A Birthday, and My Adorable Parents

This little one is so photogenic, every time there is a camera in front of him, he poses and does the cutest things. 

Dad, Kyle n me.

I took some pictures of my beautiful Momma and the brothers to put on the website my dad has put together, check it out here I think Kollin is performing some kind musical performance.:)

This describe's me and Kendell pretty well. We make a great team in my in my personal opinion. 

Me and my dad, sleep deprived. A few weeks back we went on a little 2 day trip to Texas, so proud of the business man he is. Is has a awesome company going.

Selfie on the airplane, cause that's pretty much required when traveling, right?

Karsten's birthday was on March 4th,  made him breakfast in bed. :) He;s the best!

I have some cute brothers, yes?

Couldn't get more adorable parents. 

Describes them perfectly!


  1. Cute, cute, cute!!! :) Glad to see you're posting again! ;) Lookin forward to seeing ya in June!!



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