Tuesday, February 25, 2014

~ A Few of My Favorite Things~

 hand written letters
fresh fowers
rain, in any form

These are a few of the small things in everyday life, that make my heart and lips smile. What makes you smile?



  1. Cute posts from Kelsey make me smile. :) And the song, "These are a few of my favorite things!"

  2. a few things that make me smile:

    - getting letters in the mail

    - summer rain

    - hugs from my besties

    - the Tenors

    - reading the Psalms and worshiping Jesus through song. <3

  3. a few of my favorite things

    fried gizzards
    a really slick chevy truck
    the smell of a cow farm in summer
    a good garbage disposal....i mean a really powerful one that can chew up anything!
    nice asphalt
    a good game of dominoes

  4. Some things that make me smile:

    - music
    - sunshine
    - snowflakes
    - kittens
    - books
    - costumes
    - hand-written letters
    - smiles :)
    - hugs
    - babies

    I could go on and on.... God has blessed me so graciously! =)

  5. Seeing all of your favorite things, make me happy! Keep em coming!

  6. Hmm...a few of my smiles...

    The smell of fresh hay and cedar chips in the barn
    playing my banjo
    chatting with a dear friend
    beautiful flowers
    sweedish fish!!!

  7. These pictures make me smile too!


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