Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gracie Part 1

As I mentioned in a past post, my dear sweet cousin came from Indiana and spent a few days with us. She is so sweet, and has so much patience with little kids. I don't think I saw her not smiling once, she is so joyful! Gracie, is such a wonderful friend! While she was here we went to the Royal Gorge it was a lot of fun. If you ever come to Colorado it is a place you should go!

The views are ammmmmmmmmmmmazing!

Me and my wonderful daddy.(Please excuse my messy hair, It happened to be a very windy day.)

Gracie, Mom and me:)

Me and beautiful Gracie. Why do I have to be so short?

This sign has a funny story....So, I might have gone up on the stage before seeing the sign and I might have started to act a bit goofy:D It was only me and my cousin in a room with lots of chairs and a stage so who would not be tempted to preform? After I got off the stage and started acting like a normal person again, Gracie pointed out to be that there were some signs saying "Please Stay Off The Stage" Opps.....Hahah:)


  1. Aww, good post! :-) Cousins are awesome, don't you agree? :D Sounds like you had bunches of fun!

  2. Ohmygoodness so now I finally know where you live!! hahaha Every time I see pictures of around your home, on this here blog, I'm always dying to know where those gorgeous pictures are coming from!!! Colorado I think has to be like my most favoritest state in the whole United States! I plan on moving there someday.

    Plus, my family has gone there many times for vacas, and I remember when we went on the trams at Royal Gorge! I thot it was gonna be scary, but it was a blast! But I did not care for the swaying bridge when we were on it. :/


  3. Hey, Kelsey! You and I have been following each other on Pinterest for the last few days and I just now discovered your blog when reading your bio! It's so nice to find another sister in Christ, even via the internet. Haha. ;) Any way, I also have a blog that I just started last month! Feel free to check it out!
    ~Hannah Boyd

  4. Hi Kelsey, sorry I have been AWOL for so long! It looks like you had a fabulous visit with your cousin--I was able to go to the Midwest with my mom this past September to visit her side of the family. It's always lovely to see family that you haven't seen in a while.
    I hope you are doing well!
    Hannah =)


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