Monday, December 10, 2012

Loving: Around The House

 Loving: Hanging up our stocking and Christmas decor:D Twas so much fun!

Loving; Snow:)

Loving: More snow, tonight me and Kendell(my brother) went on a little run ...Got a little tired so we decided to just sled instead of run and it was such a blast our house has great sledding places!

Loving:  Having my dad and Kendell get back from being away from us for a few weeks..

Loving: Making lots and lots of know ice cream! Yummy:)

Loving: Decorating my room! I am pretty happy how it turned out!

Loving: Sweet faces who loved helping make the snow ice cream, oh and eating it of course:D

Loving: More snow ice cream!

Loving; Getting some Cork boards from the thrift store and decorated them with a few of my favorite things

Loving: Another cork board

And another:)

Loving: Winter smells:D

Loving: Seeing Deer in the back yard.

Loving: Sweet blue eyes, and adorable smiles.

Loving: Reading through John slowly.

Loving: My Bible and journals..

Loving: Kyle

Loving: Walking in and seeing little Kollin asleep on the table, and getting a good smile out of it before putting him in a real bed...*smiles*

Loving: Making pancakes

Loving: Beautiful Sunsets

Loving: Looking up all the verses in the Bible that talk about love:)

Here is one of them!
   1 Peter 4:8         
Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

May your heart be filled with His love !

In Him,


  1. So pretty! Isn't snow wonderful? :) One of my favorite things of the winter. I have a question: How did you make the snow ice cream?

  2. The picture of Kollin asleep on the table is too cute!!!

    Love all your pictures. The snow, we are cold this morning but no snow in Texas :-(

    Tell Kendall we miss him in Texas and he better be glad I couldn't think of any pranks but I'll be ready next time. Haha ;-)

  3. I love those pictures! Beautiful! You are one very blessed young lady!! :)

  4. Shoshanna,
    Thank you for your comment! Here is the recipe for the Snow Ice Cream, I kinda just made it up and it tasted great...But, if it does not work for you, you might just want to type in snow ice cream recipe into the computer to find a better recipe:D

    You will need:

    A really big bowl of snow it needs to be fresh

    about one cup or so of heavy cream or half and half

    3 tbs vanilla extract

    2 cups of sugar

    1 cup or so of milk

    Ok, so I just kinda made up this recipe in my head. When I make it I just put all of these ingredients into a big bowl and then taste it if it need more of something I give it more if it is to sweet or watery I just put more snow in. I hope it turns out good. It is really pretty easy:D

    Love ya,

  5. Tannis,
    Thank you for your sweet comment! Kendell has told us all about you ladies and he thought yall were so sweet. Yall are his new aunts! He really enjoyed his time with both of you! But, we are so very happy he is back home!

    Hope you are having a good day!


  6. Thanks for all the pictures!
    we will have to try making snow ice cream, it looks and sounds really good!

  7. I am LOVING this post! =) Super sweet. And your siblings are absolutely precious. *smile*

    I awarded you at my blog.


  8. Kelsey—I just saw your comment! Thank you so much for the recipe :) I'll have to try this! Now just for the snow...


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