Thursday, December 20, 2012

{A Recipe}

I have really enjoyed making this hot sauce. I just kinda made up this recipe so I hope it works out for you just as good as it did for  me:D
You will need:
Bell peppers, 2 big ones or we get the little ones and I used about 4 of those
Some kind of jalapenos(I used the jared ones cause that is what we had at the time and they worked great!)
1 clove of garlic
rotel, or if you would prefer you could use fresh tomatoes which I use sometimes ,but  I have found that rotel works really better!
some cilantro
a pinch of salt


Chop all the ingredients up

And then put them in some kind if chopper/mixer thing I have a ninja which works amazingly!

It turns out looking like this

Now all you need is a little taste tester <3 br="br">
I hope you enjoyed this little recipe post!

Rest In Him,


  1. This looks delicioso! We have a salsa we make but it is more like pico de gallo. I mightjust have to try this one out. And now I really want some cilantro! :)

  2. P.s. Isaw your comment on my blog and my pinterest is Brookie :) like that. I looked you up and couldn't find you. :/

  3. thanks for sharing this recipe kelsey...i may just have to try it :D

    i'm inviting you to follow my blog :D

    serving HIM,

  4. Oh yummy, We LOVE salsa and that looks delicious!

  5. Heya, how did you do the buttons in between posts? It looks so adorable and my friend has been wanting to do something similar. Alex

    1. Hey Alexandra,
      Thank you:) No, I did not put the buttons there...I installed this template from Leelou blogs...It does everything for you and I think they have a tutorial on their website of how to install it here is the link .

      Hope that helps and you are having an awesome day!



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