Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My dear brother Kollin has turned 3 today! This little boy is such a joy to be around and so funny...He can make all people smile by just way he acts and looks! He is my little buddy. Last night he would not sop talking, he kept talking and talking about just random thing that came up...Just in the last few days he has to become so talkative which is  simply adorable.....You can never get tired of hearing his sweet voice:D Kollin, I love you very much...May Jesus be near to your heart even as you are young. You are my little sweetie, keep being cute!

Holding His hand:D Just happen to snap a picture!

LOve to all!


  1. Happy belated birthday Kollin! :D

  2. Happy Birthday Kollin! He is soooo cute.
    In Him,

  3. Beautiful pictures :D

    You're invited to follow my blog!

    Serving HIM,


  4. Sweet pictures :) Aren't brothers the awesomest? :D

  5. Shoshanna,
    Thank you for the sweet comments! Yes there are awesome! What would we do without:D How are you doing?

  6. Kelsey,
    (Sorry for long time no response)
    You're welcome—such a sweet website, you have! :) I enjoy reading it.
    Without them, my life would be ever so dull!
    I am doing good, thanks, how are you?

    (Oh, I love the last picture :))



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