Monday, May 7, 2012

What I Am Thankful For

I am Thankful For: Waking up and getting to hug my mom and dad and hear them say "I love you".

I am Thankful For: Drinking a cup of coffee that was wonderful.

I am Thankful For: Getting a lot of my business stuff done (more of that in a future post).

I am Thankful For: Doing some Spring Cleaning

I am Thankful For: Spending the day with my family

I am Thankful For: Blogging on my new blue laptop which I got for my Birthday:-)

I am Thankful For: knowing that I am having Bible time this evning:-)

I am Thankful For: Listing to a very encouraging message by John Piper .

I am Thankful For: Hearing my little brother sing Jesus Loves Me....!!!!

I am Thankful For: Being able to say I am sorry for not being patient enough to one of my brothers and him saying back"Its all right" I love you" ((((Hugs))))

I am Thankful For: Getting in the mail a gift from a dear friend Annah, and another gift in the mail from my grandparents.

I am Thankful For: Knowing that God is always there and I can always go to him....


  1. That is a SWEET blue laptop!! =) I'm thankful for many things chocolate, school (yes-even that), piano, exercising, movies, etc. I'm loving this beautiful spring weather too!

  2. come and see my giveaway! you blessed me. would love to see you on my blog.


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