Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Daddy's Surgery:(

Yesterday, my dad had shoulder surgery. He has been working on Garage doors for 20 years, and his shoulder has problems because of that. He went to the doctor because he has been having really bad pain in his shoulder. They said, he had a bone rubbing against another one, and and a few bone spurs turns out that he also had a tear in his rotater cuff.  So, we went really early in the morning yesterday, and he had surgery. Everything went as expected, and he is home now. Today he has had a lot of pain. Daddy is never sick, and has never had any surgery, he has not even been to the doctor in about 15 years:-) Which is such a blessing from God! When he can not do anything it makes you think about all the stuff he does and what a great dad he is. We love you so much daddy!!! Can not wait till you feel better:-)
Daddy right before surgery. He was complaining about the purple gown they had him wear.:-)

Me and daddy, the first walk after surgery... Hope yall like his purple hospital socks. :-)


  1. The pictures of you and him are so sweet, you seem like you are such a blessing to your family! :D I'll be praying for your dad, and btw, I LOVE the new blog design!

  2. hope that he is doing better soon.

  3. I will pray that your dad's recovery is really fast! Those are sweet pictures of you and your dad!


  4. Love the pictures of you and your daddy walking. Purple! That hospital needs to get a new color for the men. I so glad it went well. Praying his pain is getting better.

  5. Aw! I hope is doing good! Very Sweet! <3 Hey Could you follow my blog?
    By the way I love your blog and it's design!

    ~Julianna <3


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