Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Great Book I Am Reading!

I  just finished Kisses from Katie book(it was awesome), so now I am reading another book .One of the things ,I wanted to do this year was read more books:-) I am reading Before You Meet Prince Charming(by Sarah Mally).I  have met Sarah and her sister Grace at a Home school conference . They both are so precious.

The book is about a princess who is  trying to wait for Gods best in a husband ,even though the world might say other things, and then Sarah says a little bit at the end of each chapter. Sarah talks about staying pure inside and out. I highly recommend this book for any young lady who is choosing to wait for Gods best!! There is a lot more to the book then what I just said...You should get the book to see the rest about .:-)

Sarah is such a light to so many young ladies...She has started a group called Bright Lights ...May God continue to bless The Mally Family as they walk with God!!!

With love,


  1. That sounds like a very good book, Kelsey!! :) Thanks for sharing your news with us. :)
    Lots of love

  2. Can I get that at the Library, or is it something new?

  3. Oh, I was just looking at your profile, and I noticed that you are from Co. My family took a vacation there last fall. It was gorgeous!

  4. How funny, I am reading this book right now as well! It is REALLY good and I'm almost done with it. That's neat you got to meet Sarah & Grace! I would love to meet them and from the book I'm sure they are both lovely ladies!

    Enjoy it Kelsey!


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  6. This is such a great book, I love it! =) I also love the book 'It's (not that) Complicated' by the Botkin sisters. You should really check it out! ;)

  7. I have wanted to read this book. Will def. get to it!

    Kianna Rose

    p.s. we have to begin emailing once again.:)


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