Friday, October 28, 2011

Some things about our famliy and life that you may not know

 Some things about our famliy  and life that you may not know....

What was the last movie we saw at the theater? I have never been.
What is our favorite T.V. Show? We dont have a T.V. 

 What do we usually have for breakfast? Cereal
What is our middle names? Kalebs is Austin, mine is Amber ,Kendells is James,Karstens is Malachi, Kollins is Isiac.
Anywhere in the world on vacation? Australia best friends are there.  

When is our birthdays?Mom 8/15/71 Dad 9/22/72 Kaleb 7/20/98, Kendell 9/12/02 Me 5/1/99 Karsten 3/4/07 Kollin 9/13/09
 Are we morning people or a night people?night people 
Do  we own any animals?no, not now

 What day on the calendar are we looking forward to? October 30th we are going out of town
How is the weather right now? it snowed yesterday so it is cold

 Spring, summer, fall, or winter? Winter
 Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

 Coffee or tea? Coffee and Tea
 What did we do last night? Hang out

How many years at your current job? My dad has a had a business for 20 years
 Favorite day of the week? Friday

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  1. That's the best blog post I've ever seen. I like the one about the best place for vacation, keep it in mind.


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