Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Maxwells and A Birthday

Well, a lot has happened since I last posted .

Kendell's birthday was Sunday he had a very good birthday we let him pick any restaurant and he chose Texas Road House which is a very yummy. They sang him Happy Birthday and let him ride on this bull type thing. It is not real but he loved it. He just laughed the whole time lol .We are having birthday party for him this Saturday which should be interesting !!!

We went to go see the Maxwell's on Monday which was very good. They really encouraged me .If you do not know who the Maxwell's are they are a homeschooling family of 11 and they talk a lot about schedules and relationships.We went to Witchita FallsTexas to hear them. Witchita falls is about two to three hours away without traffic. Traffic was horrible so we ended up being a little late. Embarrising because the Maxwells are all about scherdules lol.

Well, that is all I have got to say for tonight !!!




  1. Kels, I am actully writing a comment aren't you surpised! ;) Guess what?! I love you!

  2. Your a good blogger. I like! Take care


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