Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well we just got back from Colorado .It was a lot of fun .We did all sorts of things there the boys climbed some rocks while me and my mom got pedis .We stayed in Colorado springs and Denver .We went to focus on the family which is adventurers in Odyssey that was a lot of fun. I think we are going back next winter to ski .
Thank you mom and dad for taking us.



  1. It's so funny becasue I used to listen to Adventures in Odyssey at bedtime when I was little. I even wrote Focus on the Family asking if I could act in one of them....I think I was 8 or 9 and they wrote me back a very encouraging letter to follow God's will for my life and that "someday" they would love for me to adution with them. My mom just gave me the old CD's of Odyssey and I think I will have to play them for Lulu. You think she'll like them?

  2. Thanks for being such a sweet girl. Your a awsome example for many other girls. I love you and know that you are going to do great things for God.

    Love You


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