Monday, August 23, 2010

My Shabby Room

This is where I do my hair, my mom makes me put a something down so my carpet wont get sticky. My dad teases that there is a hole in the ozone above our house because I use so much hairspray. lol

I love my furniture

My books CDs and tapes. I have several Little House books. Nancy Drew, Mandy books, all of Anne of green Gable and then my Adventures in Odyssey tapes. Love love love Adventures In Odyssey. We have been to Focus on the Family twice!

Sitting area. Honestly these chairs aren't the most comfy. I need to make some pillows. I do use them when I have friend over though.

I love my room. It is nice and peaceful. Since I am the only girl I don't have to share it but there is usually a little one or 2 that likes to sleep with me or on the floor every night because we all love to listen to Odyssey as we go to sleep. My mom and dad got me pink carpet, the rest of the house is like a light brown.


  1. WOW, love the pink and green and that darling table and chairs. Your room is darling! You have done such a great job decorating it. It so feminine and just beautiful.

  2. Thank you for not posting a picture of your closet..... :-)


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